6 Things to Keep in Mind before Buying a Carpet

Are you looking to buy a new carpet for your home or office space? Are you a bit confused about the selection and want to know which carpet will suit your needs best? Here you are in the right place because we are going to tell you 6 important things to keep in mind before buying a carpet. 1. Level of foot traffic If you are planning to buy a carpet for high foot-traffic areas, go for a denser one which is tight and low-pile tuft. You can opt for softer piles if you are looking to buy a carpet for your bedroom. 2. Density This should be your key consideration while buying a new carpet for heavy traffic spaces such as stairs and hallways. Always check the thickness and resilience of the carpet you are about to buy. Are you confused that whether a carpet is dense enough or not? Don’t worry! We have a simple tip that is going to help you in determining the density of the carpet. Just press your thumb firmly into the pile of the carpet. If it springs back quickly, it means that the carpet is denser and more resilient. The density of the carpet is determined by how much the fibers are closely knitted to each other. Always check for the space between tufts. If there are large gaps then it means that carpet will lose its resilience easily. 3. Weight Weight is another important factor that you should keep in mind. Carpets that are short and dense-fiber are mostly more durable. It is interesting to note that carpets with long-loops and bulky-looking strands often weigh less. 4. Color While the selection of color always depends upon personal style and taste but if you are looking for an idea that what suits best then go for darker colors for thoroughfares and choose lighter ones for bedroom. 5. Use a sample Most retailers can provide you with a sample. Place the provided sample in the lighter and darker areas of your room to get a better idea about its appearance and color. Try treading on it to see how it would feel like. This will also help you in checking density as you look how quickly it springs back up once you tread. 6. Measurements Choosing the right carpet for your space is a difficult choice to make. But buying the wrong size of the carpet is even a bigger disaster than buying the wrong carpet! Always keep measurements with you while shopping for carpet and try to get them as accurate as possible. To accurately measure a space, start with measuring the widest and longest part of the room. Also, check for the spaces such as windows and door recesses that would need a fitting. By remembering these 6 things in mind you can not only save your time but can also save a lot of money. Happy shopping!