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How to decorate home on a budget !

Redecorating can be extremely fun and can give you a mood boost too. However, if you are on a tight budget, it can also be stressful when you think everything you want is out of reach.

If you log onto, you will find best buys in furniture, interior décor, bathroom and sanitary, and all other facets of your home. The deal you want is only a few clicks away, but how do you know what to buy?

Here are a few tips for things you should look for:

1. You Need Black Black is a must-buy! So if you are going to redecorate your home, choose something black to add to it to give it that contemporary chic look. That something black may be a sofa, arm chairs, vases, or perhaps even a comfortable bean bag. Just remember to keep it clean afterwards as stains on black furniture look awfully bad.

2. Try a Long Candle Holder Sometimes one extra piece gives your whole interior a new look and it is completely worth it. Candleholders look regal and are a fabulous addition to your living room or drawing room. You can choose an antique cut in silver or bronze or any colour that you choose. If you choose a long candle holder and add scented candles to it, that could fully transform the ambiance in your room. Try it now and look for some good deals on candle holders at

3. Buy a New Rug Yes, a rug can also do wonders for your home and give it a spectacular look. Choose a furry one if you want to dig your feet into something comfortable and soothing at the end of the day or if you want to dish out a few more bucks, you can try a handmade rug of different colours. Just adding this one item in one of your main rooms can give it a fresh tinge.

4. Put up a Painting or a Picture If your walls are empty and you are on a budget, the best way to decorate your home may be by putting up a painting or a picture that you like. If you are an art lover, you may want to put up a painting of whatever makes you happy by one of your favourite artists. Otherwise family portraits, flashy pictures of yourself, and special occasion photos definitely make the cut! Frame it in a flashy or classic frame according to the theme of your furniture and you are set to go for a brand new look.

5. Make it Comfy with Cushions Cushions are just so comfy and make a lot of a difference. Try colourful cushions or choose a one-colored theme with cushions of different sizes. A new cushion arrangement can make your living room or bedroom look super cool and make you feel like you are in a new place altogether. Try different shapes like hearts, traingles, or get your cushions custom made if you can afford a bit more. You get both comfort, colours, and a very charming interior at the same time.

6. Lights and Lamps Make it Lovely Lights, camera, action tells you that lights are super important when it comes to aesthetic appeal and everything starts from lights. Giving your interior a new look can only be limited to adding a new lamp or chandelier in the room which casts a completely different glow in the whole place. You wanna have more fun? Add neon lights in your lamps for a funky glow if it suits the theme of your room. There are so many things that you can do.

7. Mirrors Make it Mesmerizing Glass and mirrors make a room look bigger and with the right lights, it gives you a look that nothing can compete with. Whether you choose round mirrors or square ones or full-length bedroom mirrors, choose a frame that goes well with the rest of your furniture. Sleek and black is a good choice and so is an elegant silver or bronze. Check out all the best buys and interior decoration ideas on You will find everything you need! Check Out Interior Decor!