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Ramp up the Visual Attraction

Ramp Up the Visual Attraction: 5 Reasons of including Mirrors in your Interior Design Ever wondered why mirrors are quite a popular element of interior design? Why celebrities and designers have mirrors placed in their houses? Mirrors are indispensable. They are not only trendy but also practical part of interior design. Mirrors can solve a myriad of interior design problems. According to Feng shui, mirrors can focus on energies. Placing a mirror at the right spot in your home can invite friendships and bring harmony and prosperity in your life. Even if you do not personally practice ancient Chinese art of Feng shui, abiding by this principle can unwittingly give a clutter-free layout of your room. Here are some practical benefits of using mirrors in your interior design: 1. Brighten up the room Placing a mirror next to the window can cast an increased amount of natural light in your room. A large mirror can do the entire trick. It can also amplify your other light sources. Place your mirror near a lamp and see the wonders it does to brighten up your space. You should place your mirror at such a spot that it would reflect your light fixtures. If you hang a mirror at an angle where it reflects the light of your chandelier, it will have the same effect as hanging it near a window. 2. Enhance the room Mirrors are ideal for enhancing or deflecting attention from something. Rooms that are too small or too wide can be fixed in their appearance with a simple use of mirrors. Strategically placing one or two mirrors in a small room can make it seem larger. Well-placed mirrors make any size of a room appear more balanced. You can also repurpose awkward spaces in your room by using a mirror. Is a sloping ceiling bothering you? Try placing a mirror on that spot. 3. Exaggerate symmetry Mirrors can help you in framing your view. Using a pair of mirrors on either side of a window or a doorway can create a sense of balance. This is the key component of exaggerating symmetry of your space from the left side to the right side and from the opposite side to the front side of the room. Playing with symmetry of the room can give you an eclectic and orderly layout. 4. Decoration Mirrors are used as statement pieces in interior design. You cannot only use mirrors of different shapes or sizes for decorating your room but you can also use them to bring attention to your art displays or portraits in your room. Try using framed mirrors as they are the most versatile of all! You can also place your mirror in such a spot where it will reflect your favorite piece of furniture. 5. You can have an extra window If you place a mirror opposite a window, it will give your room a mesmerizing effect by working as an extra window. It will not only reflect natural light but will also reflect a natural view and work as an alternative window by expanding the horizon. Don’t want to spend a fortune in restyling your home? Then don’t forget to use mirrors in your interior design plan and revamp the appearance and style of your place!