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Kansai Paint Pakistan has grown into one of the largest and most progressive manufacturer of Architectural, Engineering, High Performance, and Automotive OEM coatings.

Established in 1918, Kansai Paint has grown into Japan’s largest and most progressive manufacturer of Architectural, Engineering and High Performance, Automotive OEM and Marine coatings. Kansai Paint is highly valued around the world by customers not only in Japan, but in Europe, the United States, Africa and Asian countries including China, India, Middle East and Pakistan. Kansai Paint was launched in Pakistan in April, 2009.

Kansai Paint Pakistan commands unmatched engineering and development capabilities, helping us supply various outstanding coatings and paint products to serve our OEM customers, industrial partners, Architects and town planners, Builders and contractors and home owners in the country. Our Architectural Paint portfolio includes a range of emulsions for interior and exterior, enamels, pre-deco products, wood finish and texture paints. Our Engineering Coatings division caters to the paint & coating requirements of various industries across Pakistan. Kansai Paint is the leading automotive coatings provider in the world and today we are proud partner with the top automotive brands around the globe.

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