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Established in 1979, ROBAM Appliances Co., Ltd. Robam is a Chinese manufacturer of contemporary kitchen appliance. Our company provides consumers with quality products such as the sterilizer, gas hob, range hood, steam oven, electric oven, microwave oven, electric kettle, induction cooker, and the electric pressure cooker.

We possess a large market share and have one of the longest recorded manufacturing records in the field. Over 3 decades of groundwork has allowed us to create the highest brand value with the largest production scale. ROBAM has the most complete kitchen appliance catalogue in the industry. We have continuously guided industry development through technological innovation, establishing our position as an internationally relevant enterprise. Over 35 million families trust in our products; choose ROBAM, improve your living standards.

ROBAM will continue to create fashionable cooking environments for the discerning consumer. We aim to combine traditional Chinese culture with advanced technology, enriching the cooking experience and making it more enjoyable for families everywhere.

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